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By submitting, you agree to the following Atop Repair Term and Conditions:

  • $49 inspection fee for each item that is not under warranty.

  • All repair items not under warranty, must be paid by credit card regardless of account payment method. (NET30 customer must provide a valid credit card by phone).

  • Freight charges will apply both ways for items not under warranty; if a label is provided to ship the item to Atop Dental (Fee will very from province to province) GTA area: $10 ONTARIO: $13 QC: $14 OTHER: $15 USA: $19 USD

  • Repair quotation is valid for 30 days only. If there is no response received after 30 days, the items will be sent back to the customer and shipping cost will be billed to the customer's account.

  • Parts used to repair your product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for period of (30) days.